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Supercharge your life with Grapplebox!

A brand new super effective and EXCITING workout!

  • Super effective workout to shred fat, get strong and build muscle!
  • Gain critical self-defense skills to boost your confidence and feeling of safety!
  • Join the fun & welcoming Grapplebox community!

East Side Brazilian Jiu Jitsu present Grapplebox by Chris Reymann, 2nd degree blackbelt Renzo Gracie Academy NYC

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Do you ever feel…

(even if just a little bit)


According to Gallup, 4 out of 10 Americans feel unsafe walking alone near their home at night.

If you don’t feel a general sense of safety, your life quality takes a hit and you may become unfocused and unsatisfied in other parts of your life.


Nothing in this world is more important than your health.

Your physical and mental health is all that matters.

Live a long and healthy life for your own sake and for your family’s.


In a world of opportunity it is easy to get lost and feel “off the trail”.

If you sometimes question whether you’re moving in the right direction and/or if you’re living up to your full potential – you’re not alone.

Learn to protect yourself

Located in the heart of New York City’s Financial District, GrappleBox is a martial arts & fitness academy that combines Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing into one killer workout!

We arm you with a wide range of POWERFUL techniques that can disarm any assailant who is unfortunate enough to pick you as their victim! 

Increase your flexibility

Become a healthier you

Do you feel like you’re not really learning anything at your weekly cardio kickboxing class?

If you want to lose body fat, gain more muscle or simply feeling better in your body and improved health, our trainings will help you achieve it in a fun way!

Get into the best shape of your life by learning the fastest growing martial arts which helped spawn the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Join a welcoming world-wide community

The more you get into “our world” of martial arts, you will discover how many new people you will belong with both locally and all over the globe.

Your travels will become much more adventurous and meeting new people will be easy as pie.

Why train with Grapplebox?

Grapplebox is the perfect combination of essential basic skills one needs to protect themselves and their family in a hand to hand combat situation. 

Grapplebox combines the best of BJJ, wrestling, judo, boxing, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing.

  • Safe to practice
  • Low Impact
  • Low risk of injury
  • Clean environment
  • safe for all ages

These fundamental skills have been combat tested and used by professionals including Security officers, police men, F.B.I. agents,special forces, military operations and professional athletes engaged in prize fighting events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Bellator, Pride F.C. , King of the Cage.

You too can learn the fundamentals that the professionals use and take your personal saftey into your own hands.

Why should you

start training today?


Our programs are designed to give you a high intensity training that lowers your cholesterol levels and increases your cardio.

This lowers your chances of developing dangerous diseases and keeps your body strong!


Knowing that you can defend yourself and your loved ones is reason enough to start training.

Did you know that your training can also dramatically reduce stress and anxieties?


When your head is in a lock, you won’t get out by doing the same things over and over.

It requires new-thinking and that you keep your mind clear.

These skills will help you both on the mat and in your daily life.


While going to the gym is a great way to workout, it can be quite boring.

Our training is a fun all-around body workout, so you barely notice working out, and still get all the benefits.

You’ll see your body transform to how you want it to be very quickly!


The discipline you build in the academy is not only useful in training and competition.

You will start seeing great improvements over all in your life at work, at home and in yourself.


When you join us you become a part of social circle that can best be described as a “second family”.

You will begin noticing and understanding how your opponent thinks and moves, which is also helpful in social situations.

Anthony C. Ortiz

“I take many of the lessons and values he has tought me into life with me.”

Chris Reyman is a knowledgeable, patient and efficient instructor that I have had the pleasure to work with for many years during my jiu jitsu career. His love for the sport has helped inspire me to pursue jiu jitsu as a career myself. Even though Chris and I no longer extensively work together I take many of the lessons and values he has tought me into life with me today. Chris is an overall wonderful instructor and taking his classes will only do you good.

Professor Carl Massaro

“If you’re looking for a qualified, knowledgeable instructor, look no further.”

Professor Chris Reyman is a phenomenal instructor and practitioner. He has been studying the Jiu jitsu/grappling game for well over a decade under Renzo and John Danaher and continues to teach and train daily. Chris is a phenomenal black belt and has been a great training partner for me over the years. As a fellow black belt instructor, I am impressed by Chris’s knowledge, dedication and continued study of the art. He has trained with some the best in the world and due to his continued study of the game, he has a vast understanding of modern, cutting-edge techniques. He has an amazing understanding of wrestling and mma as well as gi and no-gi bjj. If you’re looking for a qualified, knowledgeable instructor, look no further.

Do you also teach children?

Yes, we have kids classes available from 2 years old.

Do I need to buy anything?

You are not required to purchase anything in order to participate.

We have Kimonos for rent $10 daily fee to cover cleaning cost.

We recommend buying some basic gear like a Kimono, belt, mouth piece, rash guard and shorts as well as a groin cup for continued daily training.

Is it dangerous?

We limit the liability of injury in our training methods by implementing a systematic approach to learning & development for all members who are beginners.

We adhere to IBJJF complaint rules and regulations so that the development process is smooth and safe for all participants at each level.

Comprehension of technique and form is drilled and focused upon over Randori (live sparring, aka rolling) and the ratio of the two should be in a proper balance at the discretion of the class Sensei.

How often should I train?

The answer to this question often baffles people because the truth is you should Always be training.

How is this possible?  Well let me tell you that it’s all about mind set and mental skills. Do not just see this as a physical activity because Jiu-jitsu like any other martial art is a system of thought and expression.

 Generally I advise people to start physical preparation at least 2-3 times weekly but that doesn’t mean you cannot watch and observe all the while learning more than actually participating.

Trust me when I say you need to do both and your development will always progress.

Learn to train your mind and body in balance. 

Always be training.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes the rate for one private lesson is $150 per hour.

Do you have a drop in fee?

Yes, if you are a non-member it is $30 per class.

How much does it cost?

Find all pricing available on our Pricing page.

your first class is on us! 


Are you excited about getting started, but not entirely sure this is for you?

That’s totally cool!

Just give us a try, and if you are not 100% up for it after your trial then no hard feelings.




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