Chris Reymann

Chris Reymann, a 2nd degree Black Belt under Master Renzo Gracie & Professor John Danaher.

      a Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience, having a wide variety of clientele ranging from children, special populations, senior citizens to Olympic level and Professional athletes. 

Layla Luciano

Layla Luciano has been personal trainer and group fitness instructor in NYC for over 8 years. She is a certified elementary school teacher, dedicated martial artist of over 25 years with training in boxing and Muay Thai and a third degree black belt in Seido Karate.

Aside from health and fitness, Layla has always been passionate about teaching. Layla started co-teaching karate classes at her dojo when she got her black belt at the age of 12 and continued to develop her teaching skills when she was a student teacher at New York City elementary schools. A hiring freeze made it impossible to find a teaching job, so Layla began creating and teaching karate, fitness, and Latin dance curriculum at summer school and after school programs. Being able to share her passion for fitness and the importance of building healthy bodies and lifestyles is extremely important to Layla

Rashid Matthews Hall



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Currently a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Former DIII wrestling captain for 3 years. Born June 2,1991 ,he has been training and competing for for the past few years. Originally trained in traditional martial arts from ages 6-15, His start in Grappling competitions began when we was a sophomore at St. josephs college. in 2011 when he wrestled in his first collegiate tournament that same week he competed in his first bjj tournament as a white belt. eventually he became a team captain and competed in both sports simultaneously.



Rashid Matthews Hall


medal record:

-IBJJF Asian Open 2016 (Gold) purple
-ASJJF Dumau International 2016(Gold) purple
-IBJJF Japanese National 2016 Nogi (Gold) – purple
-IBJJF Japanese National 2016(Silver) – purple 
-JJFJ All Japan Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2015 (Bronze) – purple
-Grappling Industries Toronto (Silver) purple/ brown 
-IBJJF Nagoya Open 2015 Nogi Absolute (silver) – purple
-IBJJF Nagoya Open 2015 Nogi (Gold) – purple
-IBJJF Nagoya Open 2015 (Gold)- purple
-IBJJF Montreal Open 2014 (Silver) – purple
-IBJJF Asian Open 2014 (Bronze) – purple
-IBJJF Toronto Open 2014 (Gold) – purple
-IBJJF New York Spring 2014(Bronze) – blue
-ADCC American Nationals 2014 (Silver) -blue 
-IBJJF Toronto Open 2013 (Bronze) – blue
-IBJJF New York Summer Open 2013 (Silver) – blue
-Big Apple Open 2013 (Gold)- blue
-IBJJF New York international Open 2012 (Bronze) – blue
– Renzo Gracie 2011 open (Bronze) – white



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